Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Tired of Being Used? 

"I'm tired of serving the interests of others.
That's what I have done all my life, and
I'm still doing it. No one else is changing.
Where there is no honesty, how can you love another"?

Thank you for being honest with yourself.
Now face the current right now is full of deception and dishonesty.
Deception and dishonesty, disrespect and dependency is the world where we live.
Most men work in circumstances of posturing, bravado, and pretending to be.
Most kids go to school where they see and hear disrespect and dishonesty.
(The latest in grade school with second graders was badgering and begging for money.)
Our celebrity images are full of lies and cheating, gossip and glamour.
Authentic love and intentional kindness is unusual and sometimes misunderstood or ridiculed.
Abundant compassion and care-giving is sometimes abused and taken advantage of.
We don't have to go along with the undoing of our values and ethics.
We don't have to join takers to teach a lesson.
We don't have to protect ourselves by withdrawing our love.

We get to decide:
Do we stay or do we go?
Do we laugh or do we cry?
Do we join the world and be liars too?
Do we change our judgments and stop being negatively affected?
Do we teach and undo what is not true or wise or loving?

We must be strong in faith and in love.
We need not give more to be taken without respect.
We must not do more to empower others with entitlement.
We must teach strongly and firmly how to give with joy.
We must show others how to receive with respect and appreciation.
We must not give in.
Be strong in your faith and committed to show the way.

Loving you,
Betty Lue

Clues: Listen within and honor what you hear.
Sometimes speaking up makes the other clear.

You may need to step away and allow the other to fall.

Just remember to honestly love one is to love all.

We used to sit in this and now we stand and walk around!

We’re pretty big now!