Wednesday, February 08, 2006

What Attracts and Repels You? 

There is something to learn or heal where we are attracted and repelled.
Attraction and resistance are wakeup calls to stop and listen within.
Where there is neutrality, therein lies peace and completion.

What we avoid or resist, we often are judging and fearing.
What we resist persists in our consciousness as a block to the flow of endless chi (perfect Love).
What we resist is a call for forgiveness and love.
What we resist may be a past experience calling for healing.
What we resist may be a false teaching which must be undone.
What we resist is a clog preventing total and lasting peace.
What we resist is a worldly opportunity to free us to live in Love.

What attracts us may be a call to give or serve or express.
What attracts us may be to learn how better to love ourselves.
What attracts us may be the next step in our spiritual journey.
What attracts us may be the temptation of our physical senses.
What attracts us may be the duality of desiring and fearing. (a foot on the gas and brakes simultaneously)
What attracts us may be the fulfillment of an inner vision or longing.
What attracts us may be to the infinite, the mystery of the unknown.
What attracts us may be a detour, delay or illusion of the ego, leading us away from the Truth.

So how do we proceed with attractions and repulsions?
How do we know what to do, to say, to think?
How do we avoid the pitfalls of desire for pleasures and follow those leading to spiritual treasures?
Addictions, obsessions, lazy habits of mind, unconscious patterns of cultural programming….
How do we respond to the bombardment of what disgusts and terrorizes us?
How do we respond to the inspiration of what encourages and lifts our spirits?

Life is choice. You and I are the choosers.
When we leave it up to our family, friends and culture, we are doomed to be like sheep.
We dis-empower ourselves and learn only weakness and victimization.
When feeling caught, confused, conflicted, it is our stop sign.
Time out to be still.
Drop worldly conditioning.
Forgive emotional resistance.
Recognize how thoughts and emotions can mislead.
Open to Higher Power, Master Teachers, the God Forces within.
Request honestly: "Not my will but Thy Will". Ask for the Highest Good of All.
There is a way to be True to your Journey with an open mind and healing heart.
There is a sacred place in you which knows how to heal your fear and your temptations.
Be at peace and let Love lead the way.

Trusting and freeing us all to let go, learn and Love more purely,
Betty Lue

This invitation may attract you.... Or it may scare you.....
Listen within and you will Know.
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