Tuesday, February 14, 2006

You Are My Valentine! 

Did you know, I love you?
Do you realize, I value you?
Are you aware, I am here for you?
Can you imagine, I do this for you?

Love is Our Natural State.
When we are not in love, something has gone wrong (off purpose).

Why would anyone sit at their computer at 3-4-5-6 AM in the morning to send their inspirational guidance to now hundreds of spiritual family around the world? (They actually reach thousands with the way some of you forward to your email lists and special friends.)
I write these, because I love YOU.
I value You.
I believe in You.
I support our awakening.
And I want loving companions to play with as we co-create a beautiful world of goodness, kindness and love for everyone everywhere.

In November 1998, when I moved back to California to support my partner's chosen career change, I didn't know what Spirit was calling me to do.
I am fulfilled and inspired when I love, give and remember God and the Goodness here on earth.
I began to care for our infant granddaughter Gianina, 2-3 days/week.
Around Christmas, I heard from spirit that I was to begin an email ministry, sharing my inner guidance.
Since I was computer phobic and user "unfriendly", this was a real challenge.
Luckily I knew how to type!
It seemed natural the moment I put my fingers on the keyboard.
I had been writing and following inner guidance everyday since 1977, when A Course in Miracles and rebirthing activated my commitment to Spirit.
Sharing practical spirituality has been my life as therapist, coach, teacher, grandparent, partner and friend.

It is my joy and my privilege to serve in this way.
It is my inspiration and my loving reminder to write everyday.
It is my prayer and my vision that we are awakening together.
It is my inner peace and my practice to love and remind you today.

You are my reason for being.
You are my hope and my teacher.
You are my Self and my student.
You are my partner and my friend.

With every Loving Reminder, I am loving you with the best that I know.
With every Loving Reminder, it is my affirmation that we all can grow.
With every Loving Reminder, I am giving to myself the healed world I long to see.
With every Loving Reminder, I am remembering what can and will always be.

On this day of remembering Love, let us love one another and learn to love All.
In our Love we will be healed and remember the intrinsic holiness in all creation.

Loving you,
Betty Lue