Saturday, February 04, 2006

You Are What You Think 

"For as he thinketh in his heart, so is he." (Proverbs 23:7) What you do and say begins with what you think and believe. In the pursuit of perfect health, it's important to remember that the mind greatly influences the body and spirit. The human mind is a complex and wonderful "machine," sometimes referred to as the most powerful computer ever built. Like computers, we can process, store, and share information. And like computers, the information we put out is only as good as the data we put in: Garbage in, garbage out. In most cases, the things we say and do begin with what we think. We can choose which information we accept and allow to become part of our way of thinking. In fact, we create many of our own problems through negative thinking, bad decision making, and poor dietary choices. By choosing positive, enriching ideas over negative, damaging ones, we significantly improve our mental health. These choices, both positive and negative, directly influence our bodies and our spirits; a fact that reinforces the role the mental process plays in our overall health.
From the Maker's Diet, Dr. Jordan Rubin

I am participating in a T'ai Chi Chih Teacher's Retreat this weekend, commuting one hour each way.
Lots of time to look at how I/we, our society is thinking about life, health, wealth, and one another.
This week I taught a class on Practical Feng Shui as part of a series on Conscious Healing.
Tomorrow I offer a free seminar on Healthy and Healing Relationships: How to Forgive and Love Again.
I teach the power of the inspired mind.

I live and teach by changing my mind and cleaning out all fearful and judgmental thinking.

With full enthusiasm, I put God and Goodness into my experience.
I do not ingest anything I cannot embrace with thoughts of goodness.
I spit out, forgive, erase and let go of everything that does not serve me well.
My function here is to forgive what does not support my happiness and inner peace.
I am here to love myself as my Creator loves me.
By giving myself the very best, I am loving my Source.
Be letting go of what is not valuable, I am clearing my world.

There are many ways we support what is not healthy and whole.
We have learned bad habits which can easily be forgiven and undone with conscious commitment.
We don't have to eat everything on our plate.
We don't have to stay with the circumstances that no longer work for us.
We don't have to lie in the bed we have made.
We don't have to stay in unhealthy jobs or relationships.
We don't have to do anything to prove our worth.
We don't have to be nice to avoid hurting anyone.
We don't have to obey external authorities.
We don't have to believe what does not resonate with out inner Truth.
We don't have to be still or speak up.
We don't have to always look good.
We don't have to preach our philosophy.

We can choose to forgive our judgments of what we see.
We can choose to release our fears of what might be.
We can choose to undo our expectations and simply love.
We can choose to follow the most loving Truth we know.
We can change our minds if what was no longer is true for us.
We can support what supports us, so that we really are supported.
We can serve the Master that is for the Good of All.
We can, simply by choosing…

Loving you,
Betty Lue

We can be transformed by the renewal of our minds.
We can forgive everything and be new again.
We can remember to Love with innocence, freedom and trust.

Sit in the presence of pure love itself and remember.....