Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Fickle or Foolish? 

Just as the weather changes, so do our emotions.
Just as the tides flow in and out, so does our respiration.
Just as there are moon cycles and seasons, so is there time to sow and time to reap.

When we are in the natural flow of life, there is balance and order.
All things work together for good.
When we are distracted and detoured by fear and/or selfish pleasure, there is imbalance and confusion.
Every upset is a wakeup call to attune and listen to spirit within.

Spiritual guidance provides solutions in which no one loses.
Loving choices consider the Highest Good of all concerned.
Egoic neediness and conflict seek only temporary solutions.
Human personality often seeks simply to defend and pleasure itself.

To listen to your emotional as though this would provide the best answer is foolish.
Your quiet mind and open heart will provide a space in which the highest and best guidance is received.
Impulsive, fear-based quick fixes, threats and demands only bury the healing under more fear.
Reflect and contemplate what will yield no regret, but give all concerned peace and love.

Sometimes we are told to listen only to our rational mind.
Sometimes we are advised to listen only to our feelings.
Both provide input, both learned and culturally conditioned.
However neither contains all that is needed to serve the Highest Good.

What is missing is a bigger picture, an over view or Super Vision.
Are you able to see beyond your own perspective?
If not have you sought and listened to others viewpoints?
Are you considering what is truly what you would want for the outcome?

When you listen for spiritual Guidance, you are given solutions that encompass all time and all beings.
Your answers are principle-centered and ethically correct.
The inner vision you are given demonstrates how all will benefit.
You are serving just you or the whole of humanity by how you live.

Be neither fickle or foolish.
There are no rigid rules for living well.
But there are guiding principles that serve the Greater Good.

Betty Lue