Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Are You Doing Your Real Work? 

Everyone's path is unique.
Everyone's journey is their own.
Everyone's timing, direction and focus are different.
Everyone, without exception, will come home.

Our choice is how easy and simple will it be.
We choose when we are willing to set ourselves free.
Our self love and forgiveness open the way for us to see.
Life with clarity and peace really can be fun, safe and easy.

What do you do to have the life you really "say" you want?
Get set. Get ready. And Go for what you really want.

Get clear on you goals, your values and priorities.
Put a visual image on your mirror computer or wall.
Make a written list of the life you really want.
Assess how you now spend your resources.
(Resources are time, energy and money.)

Wherever you are spending resources not on what you value, allocate differently.
Wakeup and spend time recommitting to what you value and intend for the day.
Remembering, commitment and persistence is key to success.
Flexibility and focus help all the rest come into alignment.

Example: This is my simple personal version for today. (Please create your own.)

My mission is to facilitate everyone in realizing their potential, in actualizing their spiritual gifts.
I am the space of freedom and trust where Love is remembered and wholeness restored.
With Spirit in me I am high-lighting better world in which everyone has the education, inspiration and awareness to notice we all are unconditionally loved, unlimited and free.

My goals:
Each and everyday I help everyone along my way to awaken and enjoy the Goodness that is.
To give my very best and enjoy the blessings of all that is given and received.
To be truly helpful without attachment.
To be wholly present , in love and with gratitude.
To create beauty, wholeness and goodness with my thoughts, words and deeds.

My priorities:
To maintain harmonious and positive relationships.
To give myself a loving and happy environment in my mind, my home, my work and everywhere I go.

My spiritual work:
To clear (forgive, delete, undo, let go) everything that is not wholly true and wholly loving.
To listen within for guidance and direction that I might follow the path of joy, peace and love.

My values: (I can read above and see what I repeatedly value.)
Listening within, loving all, being happy, non attachment, inspiring, gratitude, enjoyment, freedom.

Be aware:
Every upset demonstrate where we are off purpose or out of integrity. When I feel hurt, have pain, get sick, feel afraid, am impatient, I am showing myself where I have lost my way. My work is to recognize and flush the "poop".

Yes, the work in life is letting go of whatever we no longer value.

Loving you,
Betty Lue

Hawaii, Anyone? Two places left!!

The pot of gold lies right in front of you, when you look for love, beauty and goodness in everything. (In this case, off our back porch.)