Sunday, April 23, 2006

Commitment to Love 

Yesterday we celebrated the wedding of Robert's niece in Sacramento.
Over the years I have officiated over one hundred weddings.
Robert and I wed one another with God presiding over 21 years ago.

What is this "wedding" with one another?
What is commitment made to our partners, our children, our friends?
What is the willingness to join one another?
What is the vow to love one another until the end?

YES, this is what I write about and live everyday.
Does it mean we must marry everyone?
Does it mean that we stay with everyone forever?
Does it mean we live with everyone?

When I am wed with you, I am saying that for better or worse, I have committed to love You.
When I am wed with you in Christ, I am giving you’re my vow that I will see the Light in You.
When I am wed with you with Good (God) at the head, I am letting Goodness lead the way.
When I am wed in God and for God, I am committed to the Goodness in both of us.

In the Presence of Love, often people show their badness, their mistakes, their fears and failures.
In the Presence of Peace, people often disclose their conflicts, their rage and their defenses.
In the Presence of Joy, people often display their grief and sorrow, their upset and pain.
In the Presence of Goodness, people are seeking to be forgiven and seen with the eyes of Love.

When we commit to God, we are committed to display our Goodness in thought, words and deeds.
When we wed with another, we are committing to encourage the Goodness in another.
When we accept the call to parenting, we are vowing to develop and validate the Good in our children.
When we receive the call to ministry, to service, we are saying YES to perceiving the Good in All.

Yes, the commitment to marriage is a call to strengthen within ourselves our capacity to Love.
The commitment to Love is an invitation to devote ourselves to strengthen our forgiveness and faith.
The wedding of our lives is not one of serving our human weakness, errors and ignorance.
The wedding of our Spirits is one of inspiring and awakening the Goodness and Wholeness within.

The only mistake we ever make is when we forget to love.
The only forgiveness we need ever do is to forgive everything that is not true.
Life is for giving.
You are the sacred gift of forgiveness here on earth.
Humanity seeks to remember the Love within everyone.
It is with your total forgiveness that we each must begin.
I have chosen you to join me.
As we reach around the world, let us forgive everything in our minds that is not the True creation of Goodness and Beauty, wholeness and Holiness.

My wedding gift for you and All is to forgive the misperceptions in my mind and see you always and only with Love.

Loving you, loving me, as we love all endlessly,
Betty Lue

Babies are great reminders. See below our earth angels.