Saturday, April 08, 2006


We are enough when we are able and willing to balance our lives.
We have enough when we are able and willing to budget our resources.
We give enough when we are able and willing to set value-centered priorities.
We receive enough when we are able and willing to attune with the Infinite Source of All Good.

The physical world is more than it seems and all less.
It provides opportunities to fully experience what is individually called forth by our Essence.
The physical world is a mere illusion, a mirage, a cognitive creation of our energized thinking.
Where we put our attention, our desires and our resistance, there we will see what we believe.

Some would call the world we see a "holodeck", a projection screen, a canvas, on which we ( both our ego and our Essence) can paint and create that which teaches, heals and expands our awareness.

Pretty awesome and wonderful!
We are here to fully experience ("learn") and earn our diploma in self-realization or the actualization of Who We Are.
Now to the practical and worldly stuff…..
Expert advice can help, can distract, can dilute or can enhance our learning.
Use all experts, all external authority in helping you discern what you would "author" in your own life.
Use all experiences to help you discover what your really want to experience and then choose it.

Here is a worldly example of "helpful" advice from Oprah's "Debt Free Diet".

For monthly net income (the monies you actually receive), there is a recommended balanced budget.
No more than 35% on all housing expenses including mortgage, rent, taxes, insurance, maintenance, etc.
No more than 15% on all transportation costs including gas, car purchases and leases, insurance, tolls.
No more than 25% on all lifestyle expenses including food, entertainment, clothing, purchases, vacations.
No more than 15% on all debt payoffs, including credit cards, student loans, etc.
And at least 10% directly into savings account including 401K, retirement, bank accts. stocks and bonds.
Pay yourself first 10% means to put into your savings (future security fund).

We set aside the 15% (they recommend for debt payoff) and put it into an emergency savings acct. for special expenses, so we don't have to borrow in the future. These monies are a special giving fund as well. We always pay all credit cards off monthly. We live within what we are provided, even though our income varies with the contributions received from our work. No set income, but always enough.

It also works to budget and balance time and energy with value-centered priorities.
While the focus of our values and their priority may change over the years, the intention to serve persists.
In order to serve, we must serve ourselves, our primary household relationships and our home.
To serve well, we must be inspired and principle-centered in living our mission and giving our best.

There is enough when we do our homework, honor our values and set our priorities.
We can easily balance and budget our time, money and energy with consistent commitment.

Loving you with both the esoteric and the practical,
Betty Lue

You caught Me! I didn’t know anyone was looking.

Yes, I am Gia’s five month old sister.
My name is Sofia Grace.
Pretty happy aren’t I? I like to coo and smile.