Sunday, April 02, 2006


Integrity is living what you teach.
Integrity is practicing what you preach.
Integrity is owning all parts of yourself.
Integrity is being authentic in all relationships.

Are you living and giving your best to everyone?
If you treat all as you would want to be treated, you are in integrity.

Are you telling your truth without secrecy, withhold or deception?
If you are honest in every communication without doing harm, you are in integrity.

Are you willing to let the whole world see how you think, speak and act when alone?
If you can honestly say you would be OK with being on TV 24 hours/day, you are in integrity?

Are you an open book, living a seamless life?
Then you are at peace with yourself and your choices.

One who has no secrets is truly at peace.
One who is unafraid of surprise attack feels safe.
One who is fully integrated and living a whole and holy life is at home.
One who lives according to their ethics, and guiding principles is secure.

Integrity requires self-knowledge.
Integrity asks that we clean up our act.
Integrity makes life simple.
Integrity leaves no uncertain choices.

Living in integrity, following the Guidance of Love within.
Love never quits.
Betty Lue