Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Life is our Ministry 

Thanks to all of you who offer good wishes to our inspirational journey and our spiritual partnership.
Each one of you make a difference in our world as teachers of gratitude, respect and delight. B'Lue Joy

Your life, as you see it and name it to be, is your calling and your gift to your world, yourself and to me.
What you give to others is also your gift to yourself.
Give your best and you will have the best.
Ministry of healing is the calling for which we have come.
Each one of us is a messenger to others.
We are all Loving Reminders with the words of our mouth and songs in our heart.

When we listen and honor the words we speak, we receive the message we are giving.
When we honor our lives following what we encourage those we love to be and do, we live out ministry.

Each one of us is important.
Some say the world is not free until everyone can see, the Goodness and Wholeness within.
We complete the circle of life when we play our precious and singnificant holy part.

When we follow the calling of our heart, we find our Passion and our Purpose and our Path.
When we give attention and focus on what has meaning for us, we bless others with meaningful truth.
When we allow Love to guide us and Light to beckon us home, we are joined in forgiveness for everyone.
When we sing songs of gratitude and praise for each and every day, we celebrate the roles we all play.

Life is for giving.
And You are the gift.
It is in giving the Gift of Your authentic Self
That you recognize the Gift that you are.

How can you stay awake to remembering your Essence and what is True?
Give yourself the time to love, respect and value me and always You.
When you share the words that you say, give them all to you first.
When you do what you are called to do, do it first for God and the Goodness in You.

Life is our Ministry.
Love is our Gift.
Forgiveness is our message.
Holiness is the Healing.

There is no one lesser or greater than You.
Each one is important and to be honored.
Everyone is learning from everything you think and do and say.
So give the very best you know in both your work and in your play.

We are here to be truly helpful.
We are here to represent the Love that sent us.
We do not have to worry about what to say or do,
Because the Love that sent us always will direct us.
We can be content being wherever Love wishes,
Knowing Love is always here with us.
We are healed when we allow Love to teach us to heal.
(A Course in Miracles)

See only Holiness and wholeness,
Betty Lue

Living Ministry Program
In 1983 Spirit directed me to initiate a small Living Ministry Program, to train and ordain ministers who were called to live their calling.
This program does not teach a philosophy or dogma, but prepares its ministers to teach, counsel, facilitate healing, lead, speak, do business and serve while integrating their spiritual practices into their daily lives.
There is no advertisement for this program.
The training is individualized according to the background and beliefs of each student.
The length of training varies from one to three years usually.
The cost includes what has been previously contributed for other workshops and coaching.
The training honors all other programs which are aligned.
The timing honors what has been given to serving others as healing ministry and helping friend.
If interested, check in with Spirit and then with me.