Saturday, April 01, 2006

No Fooling!! 

I love you.
I trust you.
I free you to be you.
I trust your path and your process.
I free you to learn and grow in your own timing and your own way.
I believe in the power of Love within you that guides your life.
I have faith in the Creator that creates us to be creative.
I know each one of us chooses unconsciously or consciously the life experience we have.
I appreciate that we can choose to forgive our judgments and fears and change our experience.
I value the journey we share and the sacred relationships we have as we build spiritual community.
I respect, honor and value my journey with you and for us all as One, remembering the holy son.

We are all healed and whole, as we remember the intrinsic and essential holiness in which we are created.
We are all awakening to the remembrance of ourselves and our creative potential.
We are all seeking to express the Love and live in the Love and Peace and Joy that is our birthright.
We are all teachers, healers, counselors and leaders for everyone.

Our work together is to respect what is before us by looking more deeply to seek and see the gifts.
Our work together is to be responsible and able to respond to whatever comes our way with Love.
Our world together is to cooperate and co-create the Good life for all peoples and all creation.
Our work is to forgive and let go of the unnatural mis-creations that dishonor and hide what is Real.

What works for you to awaken and remember?
Humor and play?
Inspiration and spirituality?
Community and Family?
Nature and Adventure?
A wise sage and healing Presence?
Prayer and Meditation?
Creativity and Beauty?
Order and Harmony in Your Affairs?
Healing and Respect in your Relationships?
Meaningful work and Purposeful Living?
Selfless Contribution and Generosity?

Find the path that works for you and follow it day by day.
Persist in doing everything with Love and gratitude.
Respect everyone with healing forgiveness and dignity.
Love your whole self impeccably and forgive all mistakes.

No fooling….I love and value You!

This is the time to be awake and aware.

Daring you,
Betty Lue