Monday, April 03, 2006

Slow Down 

Personal Note:
I never could have predicted this sacred path I am on.
This lifetime has been filled with many surprises.

Always learning from everyone and every thing,
ever serving and remembering, totally letting go of "my" way and surrendering to the "high" way.
I have come to see everyone as holy,
bless everything as beautiful, and know Everyone is Love.
No time like the present to enjoy it all,

Because there is no time at all except the Present to know Joy.

Seems like I love to move fast and talk fast and work fast and play fast and just keep on moving.
My energy loves to move and flow like a horse running in the wind.

Slowing down and being still is just what I need, even when I may not feel like stopping.
So my excuse is being with the babies, listening to kids read, and reading a book.
Even writing these loving reminders is a slowing of my usual energetic pace.
Some say my archetype is lightening speed and indeed, that is true for me.

What is natural for you?
I love to move and work and create and make order and beauty quickly.
You may love to move and work and create and make beauty more slowly.
Our natural pace or rhythm is what works for us individually.
It is valuable to find your pace and stick with it without judging others.

The diversity in life is interesting, challenging and full of opportunities to learn.
For some, slow and steady wins the race.
For others, sprinting and then recuperation time.
For some, lickety split until your head hits the pillow.
For others, just be leisurely about doing everything with the flow.

Can you respect your own needs, whether physical, mental or spiritual?
Can you honor the differences within your family or with your partner?
Are you willing to trust others to do what they need within their own timing?
Are you willing to free yourself to follow your own guidance in living life the best way for you?

What is best for you is truly best for others.
When you honor your own needs specifically and impeccably without judgment, you will respect others.
Take the time to clarify your values, your timing, your choices and live in integrity.
Take time to listen carefully to others' values, their timing, their choices and their integrity.

Everyone will give and live their best.
Loving you,
Betty Lue

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