Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Happiness is a Choice 

When you judge, you cannot be happy.
When you are unhappy, you are judging.
When you are forgiving of all judgments, you will be happy.
When you are unforgiving, you will be unhappy.

Vacations Create Stress

Change causes stress to the physiology and the psyche.
Adaptation to new circumstances demands extra energy, attention and effort.
This is a challenge to one's mind and body.
When we encounter many changes and needs for adaptation, there is additional stress.

Stress can be strengthening when it challenges us to stay conscious and committed to principle.
Stress can be distressful when it overwhelms us with anxiety, judgment and lack of confidence.
The work on vacation is to stay conscious and committed to spiritual principles of forgiveness and love.
The growth in life comes through experiences that seem to challenge our willingness to let go and Love.

Parents Need Vacations

Kids need parents who have given themselves impeccable care.
Kids need vacation only from stressed parents.
The challenges in life for children usually are from caregivers who are distressed.
As caregivers for all the children in the world, we owe them our best and most happy, healthy selves.

What Am I Learning?

I learn from every life experience.
I learn from everyone I encounter.
I learn from inner listening and outer observation.
I learn from both doing and undoing my creations.

Children Are Obvious Teachers

Children are sensitive and subtle beings.
They respond to small changes in the energies around them.
To be more respectful of children, we can provide more harmonious energy.
To love our children and support their loving, we must be truly awake and aware of our contributions.

To be awake is to realize that our love heals.
To be aware is to know our fear begets fear.
To be conscious is to maintain our own happiness.
To be happy with children is to love and enjoy life each moment.

Lessons the Last Three Weeks.

When to be silent and when to speak up.
How to care for those who have no voice.
How to flow with changes and challenges easily.
Creating peace within and around me.
Loving children well by seeing their wholeness.
Being with people rather than getting them to be with me.
Seeking to understand others first.
Convincing no one and demonstrating by the quality of my life.
Clarifying what others are trying to say to me without assumption or guessing.
And so much more.

Glad to be back with you.
Writing these Loving Reminders is a gift to me as well as to you.

Loving you and I well with a vision of our true oneness, wholeness and Love,
Betty Lue