Thursday, June 01, 2006

MisPerception Yields MisUnderstanding 

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Judgment gets us in trouble with ourselves and with others.
When I judge, compare, expect, wish you were different, I am getting us both in trouble.
When I judge anyone for anything, everyone realizes I may be judging them, too.
When I am judging, I am implying that I know what is best and right for you.

My judgments mean nothing.
I do not know what anything is for.
I cannot know your perspective, your past, your position, your process.
It is impossible for me to know what is true for you.

I forgive myself for judging strangers, friends, nations, leaders, doctors, anyone and everyone.
I forgive myself for judging us as one people and one humanity.
I forgive myself for judging ( a form of attack) on myself and others.
I know that each one and everyone is doing the best they know in the moment.

I see more clearly, when I love more purely.
I love more purely, when I free my mind from my misperceptions.
I cannot see, because I am blinded by my own fears and defenses.
When I free myself from self-judgment and forgive all my mistakes, I can easily forgive all.

It is possible that the errors in my mind are simply guilt projected onto others.
It is possible that the mistakes I see are my own reflected back to me.
It is possible that the world is a constant reflection of my own mistaken projections.
It is possible that with true forgiveness I can erase all errors in my mind and see truly.

What would I see if I were totally forgiving and forgiven within myself?
I would see a heaven of love and joy and peace.
I would see relationships filled with ease and harmony and kindness.
I would see lives of goodness and giving, wholeness and healing.
I would see laughter instead of tears.
I would see adventure and creation instead of fears.
I would see me in every you.
I would see the way we really are when we remember only LOVE.

Respecting our journey into awakening together in perfect Love,
Betty Lue

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