Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Freedom Day 

Are you free?
Are you free to be who you are?
Are you free to express your most loving feelings?
Are you free to create your fabulous creative ideas?
Are you free to go where spirit calls you?
Are you free to live as inspires and enlivens you?

The answer is YES!
No matter what your fearful ego may say,
No matter what society or your parents taught you,
You are free.

If your answer is "NO", you are being controlled by FEAR.
FEAR is "anti-life" and some would say, "Anti Christ or the Evil in the world.
EVIL is "Live" spelled backwards.
Evil is believing there is something outside you, that can limit your Love, your Joy and your Freedom.

You are free to think, say and do anything that calls to you.
Whenever you let your personality and self-made belief be in charge,
you may believe you are limited, lacking and little.
We tell ourselves a lie when we buy into the mass consciousness beliefs.
We deny ourselves our joy when we let others judgments ruin our choices.
We forget we are created by an Unlimited Creator, when we allow human thought to shut down our Love.
We make ourselves sick and sad when we let the past run our future.

What do you do when you feel you are constricted by fear?

What are your freeing agents?
When you are stuck, limited, judging and fearful, what do you use?
Denial: Nothing and no one can limit or harm me. I am free.
Forgiveness: I forgive, erase, undo and relinquish all limitation, lack and littleness. I am free.
Declaration: I declare I am unlimited and free, as God created me. And this is all my mind obeys.
Affirmation: My mind automatically erases everything that is not wholly loving, unlimited and true.
Inspired choice: I listen within and choose for the Highest good.
Gratitude: Everything I appreciate increases the Good in my life.
Trust: I trust all is well and so it is.

Pick one and work with it for 30 days. Experience the change.

You are free!!! Freedom is a choice!

Loving you,
Betty Lue