Saturday, July 01, 2006

Letting Go 

Letting go of a loved one who made their transition or died physically?
Letting go of a job or a marriage?
Letting go of a dream or belief in some ideal?
Letting go of a home or place of business?
Letting go of an old image with hair or weight loss or gain?
Letting go of addiction or bad habits?

Letting go can be intense, difficult and painful.
When we try to let go of something we want to stay the same, it is hard.
When we try to hang on to what is comfortable, familiar and fills a void, the loss causes pain.
When we struggle with questioning why and how and doubting the value of the loss, we resist.

Resistance produces pain.
Gratitude produces blessing.
When we resist what is, we judge and suffer.
When we bless what is, we feel hope and new possibilities.

Helpful hints:
Affirm: ( Write and say 20 times daily.)
Letting go is fun, safe and easy.
I no longer need to fear change.
I now am wiling to trust everything works together for good.

Write down pages of all your feelings in the letting go process.
(Or tell everything to a neutral party who is willing to listen and let go without judging or fearing for you.)
Write everything that upsets you. Your fears, anger, hurt, resentment, confusion, and more.

Talk to the person, place or circumstance ( being let go) in your mind or aloud.
Then listen to the response as though they were present to respond to you.

Forgive yourself for all your judgment, doubt and distrust in what is.
Forgive yourself and others for what you see as not loving.
Forgive everyone and everything.
Make lists of every forgiveness that comes to mind, everyday until there is no more to forgive.

Choose how you want to feel, respond and experience what is happening.
Make a list of choices. I choose….I am…..I have…….

Bless it all.
Be grateful for everything you are learning and experiencing.

Letting go can be fun, safe and easy when you allow it all to work together for your Good.
Loving You,
Betty Lue

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