Saturday, July 08, 2006

Life Is a Playground 

We are kids learning to play together.
Children making choices,
Children deciding what to do next.
Kids laughing and enjoying the experience…..
This is the life we will have, if we see ourselves free.

The inner adult demands, "How do I earn a living?
How do I feed my family and pay my bills?
What about my part to play and saving the world?
How do I stay safe and feel like I belong?"

We are all players in the exploration of our lives.
Look around and see what lies in your playground.
Are your favorite things in good repair?
And do you dare to take time off the adult duties?
What do you love to do?
Swing so high you can almost fly?
Slide down and around and run around to slide down again.
And do you go splat at the end or jump up and begin again?
Do you just love to climb and swing and hang from those monkey bars?
Just exercising your agility and flexibility and showing off, too?
How about the sand box…Digging for treasure in a never ending search.
Are you building castles that disappear when someone else comes along?
Or building roads and towns and caves and moving around trucks and cars and people, too?
How about just sitting on the edge and watching others play?
How do you do your playground day?

If you pay attention to your life, as you play it,
You will see the themes, the patterns and outcome too.
We are just kids all here playing…
Until we figure our what to do.
We love to explore and discover and know…
That is our calling, how we heal and how we grow.

The outcome is clear.
We choose the games we play.
We all go home after a hard day's play.

We can ask ourselves,
Am I playing my life as it feels best for me?
Do I like the way I am relating to others?
Do I enjoy the work and play that I do?
Am I living my life my way or yours?
Do I know what I want and enjoy what I do?
Am I happy with myself and to myself be ever true?
Do I like doing the same thing over and over?
Do I go splat when I fall and jump up and begin again with joy?
Am I learning and growing, discovering how to be true?
Am I enjoying the feeling of healing the hurts and losses?
Am I taking responsibility for the freedom to choose?
Am I mastering this playground so no one can lose?

Loving the play,
Betty Lue