Tuesday, July 11, 2006


What is true for you may not be true for another.
The mind sees what it believes.
If you hold a belief that black cars are beautiful and white cars ugly, this will be your experience.
If you "know" that teens are rude, you will not only perceive rudeness, but will encourage their disrespect by how you think, speak and act toward them.

We generate our perceptions based on our judgments.
Our senses obey our mental control center.
Our minds screen out what does not agree with its programming.
When we are judging, we are not neutral and cannot see what is.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.
Truth is in the mind of the perceiver.
When we see without prejudice, it is easier to see what really is.
Love, awareness with non judgment, heals our perceptions.

Our beliefs help create our perceptions.
Our perceptions and experiences we call our truth.

What I know, as the guiding principle in my life is:
A Creative Power that is All Good and Loving created Goodness and Love.
Therefore, my truth is that beneath all errant behavior is the potential for Goodness and Love.
My perception is that those who have forgotten their true Creator have gotten lost in false beliefs.
And as humanity fell into belief in evil, we literally and collectively built an "anti God Truth".
To make our mis-creation "right", we continue to gather evidence against the "evil" we created.
The solution for me is to trust in the innate Goodness and Love within All That Is and the rest, the made-up Truth, will dissolve into the nothingness from whence it came.

(Yes, I counsel, coach, affirm, pray, write, travel and teach to awaken humanity, so I am an active loving reminder!)

My Truth, as I choose it to be for me:
What is not Love is merely the call for remembering Love.
To Remember Love is to Return to Wholeness and Holiness.
This is the ReUnion of our selves with out True Self,
the ReUnion of the children with Our True Parent or Creator,
and our ReUnion with all Life.

In Reunion, All is One and One is All.

Remembering the Love We Are,
Betty Lue