Friday, July 07, 2006

What is Your Gift? 

How do you know what is given until you unwrap the package?
How can you receive the Real gift until it is given?
How do you value what is kept in hiding?
How do you experience the gift that remains unopened?

Is it possible that you have failed to give the gift of yourself?
Are you giving to those who are unable or unwilling to receive what you give?
Have you so covered yourself in layers of camouflage that no one sees what is given?
Can you experience the joy of giving when you withhold the real thing?

Your love can only be shared by loving.
Love may not be received by those who fear Love.
Loving with conditions is not fully loving.
Love freely given will be received according to the willingness of the receiver.

Light that shines into the darkness may be feared.
Light that is shared with a need to be noticed may not be trusted.
Gifts given with the need to be appreciated or approved feels conditional.
Gift of great joy will be welcomed by the heart, if not the mind.

Yes, Life is for giving.
And you are the gift.
It is only through giving the gift of yourself that you realize the gift you are.

When you are empty, fill someone else and receive what you share.
When you are full, share from the overflow and enjoy the recycling.
When you are needy, open the flow to receive more by giving.
To have All, give All to All.

Your gift is hidden within you.
Give your whole and holy self to those who can and will receive and value You.
It is in giving that you receive.
Nothing is so valuable as giving to those who are willing to receive.

Receiving your gifts of Love,
Betty Lue