Thursday, September 21, 2006

Equal or Unequal? 

All are created equal.
In the eyes of Love, we are all equally worthy, equally special, equally valuable.
Our worth is not established by what we say or do, what we teach or learn.
Our worth is established by God.
We need do nothing to be loved.
We are not measured, evaluated, compared, or judged.
We are loved equally by God, Who loves us all as One Son, One child, One Holy One.

When we love, as our Creator loves us, we will have no fear, no judgment, only the joy and peace of loving All equally.

Those who feel less than others often try to be better than others.
Self esteem issues often show up as false arrogance or false humility.
Self esteem issues come from being taught to judge compare and evaluate ourselves.
When we feel envy, resentment or jealousy, we are feeling lacking, needy, separate, not enough.

Our healing is to acknowledge our limiting beliefs which color our perception.
What we believe, we see and prove with false evidence appearing real (FEAR).
Wholeness comes from letting go of what others have taught us with their thoughts, words and deeds.
Self healing comes from forgiving ourselves for believing them and not wholly loving ourselves.

Our work here is to see only Holiness.
Our work here is to heal separateness.
Our work here is to love others as we love our highest and best self.
Our work here is to love ourselves as we love our most beloved.

For you and me, to set us free,
We must see as God sees His Creation.
Whole and Good and Beautiful

Each of us wonderfully and beautifully made.
All are unlimited and free to be,
Free to love, free to give,
Free to realize our inheritance of total Peace,
Living at home in the Goodness of Love.

When I know no one is separate,
When I see no one as greater or lesser,
When I am at peace in my soul,
Then I realize the Love I AM.

And All is well. All is well.
Loving you for always,
Betty Lue

This is our beautiful playroom, finished to be safe and kid friendly.
Lots of space and lots of fun!
Let’s share our snack time.
Let’s share our sippy cups.

Let’s share our table.

Let’s share everything...since we are One.