Monday, September 04, 2006

In Love 

Resting in Love
Working for Love
Playing with Love
Living in Love

When we are "in love", we feel alive, unlimited, safe, trusting and carefree.
This is how we are meant to be.

When we designate someone as the "cause" of our feelings, we make them special.
We are then dependent and need them to be that special way to feel "in love".
We have projected onto them our special need to be alive, unlimited, safe, trusting and carefree.
When they perform perfectly, we are satisfied and in love.
When they forget, fall off the pedestal, or change their mind, we lose ours.

Indeed we are "in love" with a projection of what we need them to be.
We have made up an image we believe will give us what we want.
We have set ourselves up for downfall and feeling forsaken and disillusioned.
We have set them up for our resentment, anger and unforgiveness.

Being "in Love" is an inside job.
Our loving relationships show us a glimpse of what we seek to feel and live everyday.
When we fall "in Love", we are learning how to love as god loves us.
When we give ourselves in love, we are glimpsing how we can be the Presence of Love.

What does it take:
to fall in Love,
to be in Love,
to give in Love,
to rest in Love,
to live in Love?

Practice being in Love everyday, beginning now.

Loving you,
Betty Lue

Do you love yourself this much?
Our children are here to show us how to love ourselves.

Give yourself the best of your Love everyday and you will live in Love.