Friday, September 22, 2006

Is Your Own Life in Order? 

Fall is a time to reevaluate.
Give thanks for what you value.
Let go of what you don't want.

The human tendency seems to be to judge what others have, what others do and what others are.
When we are judging we are comparing and daring to be compared and judged ourselves.
My suggestion for us all—Clean up your own affairs first!

Everyday my bed is made, my dishes done, my mail is received, my house is orderly.
I get up early enough to finish my daily chores, so I come home to a welcoming home.
This is my place of rest and renewal. This is my haven and my inspiration sanctuary.
This is the place I have created to inspire, replenish and give my peace.
I honor its value by celebrating its beauty, order and harmony.

Our homes are a reflection of us.
Closets are a reflection of how I feel about my inner self.
Kitchens are a reflection of how we nourish ourselves.
Bathrooms are a reflection of how we purify ourselves.
Bedrooms area reflection of we rest and renew ourselves.

It is time to begin to honor and respect ourselves first.
Leave your home in order every day. Your self confidence will grow.
Pay your bills on time. You will feel secure about your future.
Feed yourself only healthy food. You will experience better health and vitality.
Make your bedroom a place of peace to relax your mind and body. No clutter, no computer or TV.

To handle your life, begin today to put your time and energy into what you can do.
You can throw away what is old, unneeded and collecting dust.
You can clear your closets and your drawers of clothes and stuff that goes unworn, unused and unnoticed.
You can recycle old magazines, papers and materials received in another era and time.
You can sort your mail and handle what is essential, letting the rest go immediately.
You can empty all garbage several times weekly.
You can clean up your kitchen, your bathroom and your bedroom of everything that is not healthy.
You can sweep your front porch, water your plants and wash your clothes weekly or more.
You can value and appreciate yourself every time you do something good for you.

Perhaps the single most reason for not doing our chores daily is our impression, from childhood, that they were painful or punishment or something your parents avoided or hated.

I love to care for my home, my belongings and my life because I never learned to resist or avoid them.
I always feel good about cleaning, organizing, blessing and beautifying what is have and do.
If you have learned not to care for you and your life, forgive yourself and those who taught you.
Choose again today to love yourself well in every way.

If you need help to get started….hire someone or ask a friend or unplug your TV and computer.
Give yourself the reward of a good book or TV program or computer time after you do your chores.

Loving myself well, affords me the gift of loving you well,
Betty Lue