Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Opening Your Heart 

A question which was asked of me: "How do I learn to open my heart and love others? Or can you even learn how to do that? I feel that it should be a spontaneous reaction that is within but for some reason it is not for me." BM

Love is our natural state.
When we are afraid, we close our heart and our mind.
When we hold a hurtful history against anyone or humanity, we shut down our capacity to connect.
We monitor and even prevent ourselves from extending Love.
It is a habit of mind and heart to do what has protected us in the past.
It is an unconscious choice that we once made to defend ourselves against pain.

Love is our natural state.
We cause ourselves pain, both physical and emotional, when we withhold our love.
It is vital to our health on all levels that we open ourselves to return to love.

The primary affirmation for all of us…is:
I forgive myself for limiting myself.
I forgive myself for withholding my love.

I recommend that you write and say these two for at least two weeks, 20 times daily.
And thereafter, anytime that you see yourself sinking into old patterns.

You can begin by loving, reaching out to those most vulnerable and safe for you to love…old people, children, the dying.
Look for those you can easily Love and reach out to them.
Spend time listening, learning and letting go of your fears.
By becoming aware of what your mind makes up to hold you back, you will release what is no longer needed, no longer here and no longer real.
Practice loving wherever you can and whomever you can.

Love is not an emotion.
It is an energy, a life force, that flows through you and connects you to all life.
Love is not special.
It is like the sun which shines through your being, your words, your thoughts and deeds.
You are created by Love, as Love, for the purpose of Loving. This is your Holy Purpose.

Loving you,
Betty Lue