Friday, September 15, 2006

Practice Positive Prayer 

"Whatever Is for the Highest good of All, May it be so."
Our home was just sold to the first appreciative person who saw it.
She stepped in the door…and after looking over 18 months, she said "This is it!"
Within 48 hours of the Broker's open house, the buyer came for the second time and made a fun, safe and easy offer to accept.
No questions. No counters. No contingencies.

How does that happen?
With practice.
With prayer.
With positive thinking.

Our home is beautiful and filled with Love.
We know the right person will come to buy it in the right timing.
We trust that the offer will be right and fair for all concerned.
We are willing to listen within to know exactly how to respond.

This evening, on the way to the presentation, I heard the exact amount that was being offered.
I listen inside and know.
I respect what I hear from within.
I trust the Good that is mine.
From Corinthians II 9:8 And God is able to provide you with every blessing in abundance, so that you may always have enough of everything and may provide in abundance for every good work.

I am aware that I own nothing.
Everything I have is from the spiritual treasury to be shared with All.
I am aware I will always have everything I need to serve everyone who comes.
I am aware that I need be concerned because what I need will come to me as I need it.
I am aware that here on this earth, I am perfectly provided.
As I appreciate what I am given, I am given abundantly.
If I were to worry, I would restrict the flow.
If I were to criticize, I would not experience inner peace.
If I were to compare, I would feel envy.
If I were to judge, I would feel needy.
I prefer to feel grateful and appreciate what I give and what I receive.
With my enjoyment and appreciation, both my giving and receiving increases in value.

Are you ready, willing and able to trust in the Good that is waiting for your welcome?
Are you ready, willing and able to let go of doubt, distraction, detours and delay?
Are you ready, willing and able to undo what is not true and release what is blocking you?
Are you ready, willing and able to believe that everything works together for Good?

As a man thinketh, so it he.
As you believe, so you will see.
As you affirm with 100% consciousness, so you will experience.
And so it is.
Ready, willing and able and very very grateful!!!

Ready, willing, able and happy,
Betty Lue

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