Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Taking Time 

When life is full, take time.
When things get busy, take time.
When you feel stressed, take time.
When you are tired, take time.

Time for what?

Take time to breathe.
Breathe one long lingering breath full of Spirit.
Take time to give thanks.
Appreciate the moment, the gifts, the beauty, the goodness.

Taking time means receiving what is given.
Taking time means loving your self well.
Taking time means smiling at your words and deeds.
Taking time means a kind word for everyone.
Taking time means being quiet in mind and body.
Taking time means give a prayer of thanksgiving.
While my life is full and my love is freely given, I am aware all I do is for the joy of giving.
I live abundantly. I give abundantly.
And I receive abundantly.
My life works.

I take time to do my work.
I take time to play.
I take time to listen within.
I take time to eat the best foods.
I take time to love myself well.'
I take time to reach out to those who call.
I take time to laugh and learn.
I take time to let go of what no longer serves.
I take time to be inspired.
I take time to create what is good and healing.'
I take time to be with the children.
I take time to encourage the discouraged.
I take time to enjoy natural beauty.
I take time to love you.
I take time to dream.
I take time to observe my world.
I take time to forgive any judgments.
I take time to really appreciate my life.

Take some timeā€¦even a moment will do to bring peace and pleasure to you.

Taking time to appreciate you,
Betty Lue