Saturday, September 16, 2006

Use Your Life Well! 

Someone recently wrote. "I don't see how you do it!"
The answer is "I use my life well."
"I love what I do and do what I love."

To use your life well, you must value your life.
To live your life well, you must value your health.
To assign your life purpose, you must look deep within.
To spend your life joyfully, now is where you begin.

I am called to be busy, active, alive, enthusiastic, creative and with those who are given to me.
You may be called to be still, alone, creating, healing, simply being.
You may be called to be in business, selling, laughing, encouraging, inspiring.
Each one is called to a different life flow…and mine has changed many times over the last 64 years.

What is the theme, the calling and the ministry of your life? This is your mission, your life purpose! Live it fully and freely with no withholds and no regret!

In my life there is one central theme, a thread of purpose throughout it all.
"Give all to All for the sheer Joy of giving and abundantly living. I love life. I live it well."
I am with many every week doing many different things.
One could say I have a wide variety of Jobs.
Grandparent. Therapist, Coach, Writer, Cheerleader, Minister, Healer, Enlightened One, Listener, Friend, Mentor, Philanthropist, Administrator, Creator, Community-builder, Interviewer, Strategic Planner, Group Facilitator, and much more. There is a schedule, a rhythm and a purpose to every moment.

Sundays-The Home Of Truth most of the day(10-5), Ministry, Self Renewal (5-8AM and (5-8 PM).
Mondays- Grandmother (7-11), Minister (11:30-4:30), Group Facilitator (7-9)
Tuesdays-Therapist and Coach (8-5), Business Partner (5:30-8)
Wednesdays- Supervision ( Looking for the blessing) and counseling (8:30-6;30PM), teacher (7-9PM)
Thursdays- Petaluma grandma (7AM-7PM) counseling/coaching on the 3 hours of driving (passenger),
Fridays- Grandma 7-6PM, Minister and Spirit leader 7-9PM
Saturdays- Therapist and Coach 8-2PM and Home caregiver 2-8PM
Yes, I offer phone coaching, do errands, prepare meals, write these reminders, take walks, answer email and phone calls, occasionally read a little, even sleep 6-8 hours/night. These are all part of my Job in giving and living abundantly. I wouldn't change any of it. And there is always more available.
I love you and you are important to never hold back from calling if you have need! 800-919-2392

To use my life well means that I am truly happy and grateful for everything I "get" to do.
To use my life well means that I am always loving me and You and our reSource.
To use my life well means that when I am hungry, I eat, and when I am tired, I rest. I even take naps!
To use my life well means that at the end of the day, I feel content and have no worries or concerns.

To keep that smile in your heart….Use your life well, living exactly what is right and true for YOU!

Living well,
Betty Lue

Here she is almost 11 months and already, using her life so very well.... Learning, growing, laughing, exploring, everything with joy and gusto!
Good job Sofia in using your life well!