Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Wasting Time? 

Energy is your resource.
Energy is the life force.
Energy is the substance of life.
Energy is what creates and sustains life itself.

The conscious ones are good stewards of their resources.
To be conscious means to utilize all you have to support the Good you do.
The unconscious ones waste energy judging, considering, defending and efforting.
To use energy consciously one must be committed to do only that which is essential to your purpose.

Wasting energy implies spending time thinking about rather than simply being/doing.
When we are called, we can simply begin and be carried by the universe.
When we are called, but doubt and fear the calling, we delay the action of Spirit.
When we are called, but worry about doing it well or "right", we interfere with the blessing.

Wasting energy is the delaying, distractingand detouring habits of the egoic or fear-based mind.
Wasting energy comes from seeking approval or avoiding disapproval.
Wasting energy is seeking permission from outside authority rather than trusting your inner knowing.
Wasting energy is imagining there will be problems and objections and often creating them.

All limitation is generated from within.
We project only our lives the problems that we experience.
The simple way to easily flow around all potential obstacles is to dissolve them with forgiveness. and to watch them with amusement and delight.
History is often used by our egoic thinking to prove we need defenses, plans, group agreement, etc.

Caution creates delay.
Second-guessing limits enthusiasm.
Defending blocks flow.
Doubting slows progress.
Fear paralyzes creativity.
Conflict divides focus and confuses intention.

Our work is to be single-minded, focused and directed by the spirit (Joy) within.
When we allow the world to confuse and distract us, we lose motivation, momentum and enjoyment.
Let go and flow with the Joy that you know.

Loving you,
Betty Lue
Tonight is our first class of Relationships Coaching Circle this fall.