Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Sacred Cow 

If you buy a sacred cow to give milk and the cow did not produce enough for you and your family, what do you do?
Do you blame the cow, beat it, or get rid of it?
Do you try to figure out what is wrong, take it to a therapist or vet for treatment?
Do you love it the best you can and appreciate whatever you receive?
Do you pray for a miracle, give it everything, hoping for a change and building disappointment?

Who is responsible for the lack of milk?
Is there anyone to blame?
Is there anything to fix?
Is there something to learn?

When we make a choice to love, what are the expressed expectations and conditions we have made?
When we make a choice to get married or have a child, what are the unconscious expectations we have?
When we have chosen a teacher, therapist or mentor, what are the conditions of that implied agreement?

Most seem to choose with unconscious and unexpressed assumptions that we will get what we expect.
When our expectations are not met, we fall into blame, regret, threat, negotiation and disappointment.
Where is our responsibility, our ability to respond with resentment or with appreciation?
Where is our ability to respond with fear or with love?
Where is our conscious choice to learn and to teach, to give and to receive, to commit to Love?

What would happen if we expressed all our unconscious expectations?

For example,
I expect you to love me this way…..
I expect you to give me this much time, attention and money.
I expect you to listen to my demands and accommodate.
I expect you to take my criticism and love me anyway.

Or I expect you to never to make me happy.
I expect you to leave me feeling rejected.
I expect you to behave in immature and unfaithful ways.
I expect you to lie and disappoint me.

Or with unconditional love…
I expect us to explore, discover, experience and heal in our relationship.
I expect us to forgive our mistakes and return to love.
I expect us to take responsibility for taking impeccable care of ourselves.
I expect us to own and clear our projections, limiting beliefs and errant judgments of one another.
I expect myself to commit to do the work of clearing all obstacles to my awareness of the presence of Love.

Consider that our sacred cows are all perfect, chosen to teach us how to love unconditionally.

Loving you and me,
Betty Lue