Sunday, November 12, 2006


What are you choosing for today?
What have you chosen to be your life experience?

Only when we take full and total responsibility can we truly heal, change and transform.
Only when we are response able are we truly free to choose.
Only when we own our holy part in co-creation, mis creation can we experience our creative power.
Only when we acknowledge our faulty perceptions and limiting beliefs can we choose to undo them.

I now choose to undo what is not wholly true.
I now seek to realize that everything is in my own best interests.
I now choose to recognize that I of myself can do nothing.
I now know that those things I have mistakenly done alone really are nothing.

Only what is created with God is real.
Only what is of God is loving.
Only what is filled with the Goodness of Love is Eternal.
Only what is good and beautiful and Holy is the right use of creation.

We are created creative by our Creator.
We are created to create what is Good and Beautiful and Holy.
We are created to create like the Source that created us.

Our work is to forgive all mis-creations and misperceptions.
Our work is to undo what is not truly loving.
Our work is to release with our blessing (never a curse) all that is not good and beautiful and holy.
Our work is to participate only in those experiences which create Goodness for all life.

My mind automatically erases everything that is not true and loving.
My mind thinks only with the mind of Good for Alll.
My life is committed to healing (forgiving) what is not truly loving and blessing.
I am the space of Trust and Freedom where Love is remembered and Wholeness is restored.

When I remember we are all One and I love the One we are, I love my Self.
When I realize that loving All creation is loving Source, I am at peace.
When I know that loving You is loving me, I hole no one separately.
When I see and know that Love is All, I am happy, whole and free.

Loving you is loving me,
Betty Lue

I facilitate a Living Ministry Training Program which is available long distance.
Please let me know if you are interested. Each one of us is a minister to many.
This Program offers experiential teaching in spiritual counseling, healing, teaching, leading, business and speaking/ceremonies and rituals.
It is designed to honor all spiritual paths and to support the ministers in facilitating themselves and others in finding their own unique way to Oneness, wholeness and Inner Peace. All are welcome and affirmed.