Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Time to Say Thanks! 

Thanks to the electricity, even the inventor of light bulbs.
Thanks for our shelter, our home with heat and light.
Thanks for our shoes. so many have none.
Thanks for our grocery stores and cars and bikes.
Thanks for the gas and the builders of cars.
Thanks for the air we breathe and a sky without bombs.
Thanks for the earth, the trees, the birds and the ants.
Thanks for our stoves and dishes, the food we eat.
Thanks for the churches and spiritual books and time to pray.
Thanks for our schools and libraries and internet to explore.
Thanks for the voices that speak with free will.
Thanks for the voting, the picketing, the chance to say "No".
Thanks for so many little things everyday that are miracles and gifts.

Have we brought on our unhappiness and fear with lack of gratitude and unforgiveness?
Isn't it time to forgive our errors of ignorance (ignoring the good in our lives)?
Wouldn't it be uplifting, energizing and inspiring to truly be grateful for what we have?
We are the richest people in the world. Complaining seems silly and ignorant.

Have we been stuck in thinking others should change, when we need to clean up our own thinking?
Perhaps it is truly time to lift ourselves up in gratitude for who we are, what we have and how we give..
This week and every week, we need to remind ourselves to forgive our complaining and be grateful.

I thank God for Us, all together, as One.
I believe in the Good in me and You.
I am so grateful to live my purpose on this Earth.
I am happy and I am free.
I know and own I am responsible for remembering this is so.
I love us to remind one another of how really Good life is.'
My prayer and my purpose is to simply offer the opportunity for others to know there is a choice.

Loving you with a heart that is True B'Lue,
Betty Lue

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And come to join me in the best gift of service and fellowship this month.

Holiday Special Events
Dec. 3 Welcoming Sunday, Spiritual Alchemy:"Transform Your Life into Gold"10:30
Dec. 24 Christmas Eve Service, Awaken: "The Light is In You Now" 10:30AM
Dec. 24 Caroling in Alameda Nursing Homes, 12:30PM (Wanted: Your Loving Presence)
Dec. 25 Christmas Caroling in Pleasant Hill at local Nursing Home 1:30-3PM, Call me.
Dec. 31 New Year's Eve Service Letting go with Gratitude, Creating with Joy, 10:30
Dec. 31 New Year's Eve Workshop Begin with Forgiveness and Spirit, 1-4PM, $15-25

If you want to give service this year, the Home of Truth Spiritual Center can use helping hands for our projects to paint and floor, renewing both cottage and sanctuary. Clearing dirt away from foundation and creating a drain pool, adding lighting to the walkway, and putting in a donated gas stove in the kitchen.
Our wish list includes:
Beautiful Christmas decorations, (or money to purchase)
Gas stove in good condition.
Tape duplication
Flooring Laminate (price I have now is $1.30 sq ft.)
New windos where needed
Grant written for handicapped accessibility for both buildings/bathrooms.
Larger refrigerator with large freezer.
Renewing the building ,(upstairs walls and floors)

And much more.
Let me hear from you on email or phone 800-919-2392