Monday, November 20, 2006

Who is Responsible for Your Life? 

When you insist that someone else is responsible for your health, finances, home, work and happiness, you are stuck in dependence, searching for the "right" person or situation.
When you acknowledge and even enjoy being totally responsible for your whole life experience, you are free and happy, knowing you are in the right place with the right person doing the right thing.

You have been falsely taught, if you think being dependent on anyone will make you safe, secure and happy. Totally dependence on God within, the Voice of Love, reason and wisdom, always available and reliable, kind and encouraging will lead you to know trust and freedom are the gifts of our Creator's Love.
Yes, so many have been disappointed, discouraged, dismissed, denied and disempowered by the voices of a fearful humanity in their childish search for what and whom can lead to a good life. Not health gurus, or healing books or loving partners can take the place of what is in you now.

How do you find that place of safety and security, love and trust, freedom and responsibility within you?
Take time to listen within.
Take time to care.
Take time to ask.
Take time to explore.
Take time to love.
Take time to enjoy.
Take time to be grateful.

How do you let go of a lifetime of habits leading to sorrow, resentment, guilt and fear?
Forgive disappointing yourself.
Forgive discouraging yourself.
Forgive blaming yourself.
Forgive denying yourself.
Forgive not loving yourself.
Forgive delaying yourself.
Forgive distracting yourself.
Forgive distrusting yourself.

I am responsible for the world I see.
I am responsible for taking care of me.
I am responsible for my thoughts.
I am responsible for my words.
I am responsible for my actions.
I am responsible for fulfilling my dreams.
I am responsible for my selfish schemes.
I am responsible for the ones I love.
I am responsible for my gratitude and prayer.

Because I live with total dependence on my relationship with God, the Good, within me.
I take time to listen and share with You.
When I allow myself to be distracted, delayed, detoured, denied and dismissed by the world around me, I am responsible for the experience I have. When I remember to listen within to the voice of Love, I am encouraged, focused, inspired, and appreciated by my inner call and am responsible for my holy experience of fun, safety and ease.

Loving you and me as I am reminded,
Betty Lue

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You get the picture as we are getting ready to go out for a walk and play at the playground.
Beckett’s first trip to the playground with his sisters.