Friday, December 08, 2006

Abundance or Lack, Peace or Conflict? 

What you Ingest and think about helps create your dreams.
With my usual experimentation, I have discovered that what I eat and watch and talk about in the few hours before bedtime creates my dreamtime. A restaurant meal or meat or processed food holds energy that negatively affects my dreams as well as my digestion. Watching a movie or discussing a human problems also sits in my consciousness to be "worked on" through my sleep time. As a result, I am very selective about what I eat (simple, home cooked easily digestible foods) and conversation, reading or movies that are inspiring and loving is my pre-bedtime diet.

The same in true in the waking dream of everyday lifeā€¦..
What you focus on, you strengthen in yourself and receive more of in your life.
Therefore, I highly recommend that you pay attention to how good your life is.

Pay attention to all the love you see.
Pay attention to how beautiful the colors and flavors are.
Pay attention to how much you are blessed every single day.
Look for the Good in everything all the time.

Make it a habit to strengthen what you want to receive.
Make it a prayer to give thanks for all you have.
Make it a practice to only give the best your know.
Make it a ritual to visualize how peaceful, loving and happy your life can be.

This is a simple and accurate teaching and universal principle.
It works, when you DO THE WORK!

Loving you,
Betty Lue