Monday, December 04, 2006

Afraid to Give 

Do you know a gift, when you receive one?
Are you judging what is given, before appreciating it?
Are you withholding your gifts, because you judge givers?
Are you treating your world, as you judge it to be?

Where we see lack of gratitude, we may cease giving.
Where we see criticism of what is given, we may avoid giving.
Where we expect a happy outcome and see only pain, we may question our gifts.
Where we once gave with innocence, we may grow disappointed with being devalued or ignored.

To teach my world, life is for giving, I must remember the lesson……
To offer others the real gift of giving, I must receive the gift myself…..
To authentically give of myself, I must see I give to my Self, the One I AM.
To enjoy the opportunities to give, I must recognize the Giver Within who gives through me.

As I watch my world remember the blessing of giving, I realize how many have been hurt.
As I awaken those around me to love, serve and remember only Goodness, I meet with resistance.
As I dare to call out those who have slumbered with selfish defensiveness and protection, I see fear.
As I love all into remembering the gift is in the giving without condition, I know Spirit will prevail.

Yes, love without conditions.
Yes, serve with all your heart.
Yes, remember the unlimited Good in You.
It is in awakening the unlimited energy of giving only Goodness and Mercy that we remember God.

I love you for giving.
I love your forgiving.
I love all of us for forgiving the blocks that have kept us from realizing our lives are for giving.

Pray without ceasing.
Love without withholding.
Give without expecting.
Enjoy without judging.

Abundant Life is the gift we receive as we give freely and joyfully.

Loving you,
Betty Lue