Monday, December 11, 2006

Anger Is Never Justified 

Anger is a wake up call.
Anger tells me I have not forgiven.
Anger makes me aware that I am judging.
Anger is energy I am using to destroy rather than create.

Because anger is not a usual habit of mind and emotion, it gets my attention.
Anger, irritation, frustration and impatience are all forms of anger.
I allow them to teach me where I believe that my upset will make a change.
I recognize that they merely demonstrate where I am not healed.

Yes, anger yields more fear and guilt.
More fear and guilt feed energy to continuing those situations.
Forgiveness yields peace and healing.
Forgiveness and healing dissolve fear and guilt opening the door to change.

As a teacher and student of Good and God, I am called to heal all fear and guilt within.
When I have healed my own judgments by forgiving my errors, I mistakes differently.
Mistakes are calling for forgiveness and love, seeing and responding to the holiness within.
When we act like others are bad, wrong, sinful, stupid…they are reinforced in believing it.

Sin is an archery term in Greek, meaning off the mark.
Archers cannot be judged or told how to aim straight.
They learn by watching with total peace and holding the perception of on target.

We can hold the peace for and with our brothers.
We can hold the perception of holiness and wholeness.
We can acknowledge," I trust you can and you will.
We can know, "I free you from my judgment, fear and doubt."
We can believe so that our judgments no longer deceive.
Today I am choosing to correct the errors of my judging and comparing, my fearing and doubting mind.

This is the best gift I have to give.
I love you and forgive any judgments I have made on you and your life.
I Love you and free you from my comparisons, doubts and fears.
I love you and trust you will choose what is highest and best for You.

Loving you,
Betty Lue