Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Circle of Life 

Each of us has a place in the circle of Life.
Each of us makes a difference to those walking with us.
Each of us are integral to the healing and the whole.
Each of us stands hold a sacred place with all of creation.

Are you comforter and healer?
Are you Teacher and guide?
Are you awakener and transformer?
Are you leader and servant?
Are you nurturer and supporter?
Are you observer and learner?
Are you light bringer and cheerleader?
Are you mentor and believer?
Are you provider and doer?
Are you God Being and Abundant ReSource?
Are you warrior and hero?
Are you needy and grateful?
Are you prayerful and affirming?

All paths are perfect places to be right here and right now.
And yes, of course, there are infinite more from which we come and go, yet to return again.
Life is a circle with each holding the space for which they have come.
No need to try being in another's place for yours is waiting for you.

Without You, God, the Good, the Universe and all Humanity waits incomplete.

So step up and listen within.
Wake up and own your place in the circle.
Look out and declare Who you are.
Speak up and give what you have.

All are blessed.
All are healed.
All are happy.
When we fully be All we are called to be right here and right now.

Loving you, the Real You, with the happy willing heart and mind.
Betty Lue

Do you know our connection has everything to do with the spiritual calling of the heart...
Not blood or human relationship, not duty or obligation, not need or reasoning can match what God has ordained.
So follow the bliss within and know you have said YES to God.

Grandpa’s first time holding Baby Beckett (3 weeks)!