Friday, December 01, 2006

End Stress and Holiday Anxiety and Depression 

This time of year is filled with a wide array of emotions for many.
More deaths, suicide, hospitalization, more psychosomatic illnesses, etc.

Stress, fatigue, depression and grief stress and depress the immune system and the resilience of the personality to overcome the holiday stressors. So it is a time of increased conscious and conscientious care of one's whole being, beginning with your thoughts.

Create a plan of whole life balance.
Forgive past holiday experiences.
Create a clear intention (vision) of your desired holiday experience.
Choose what, with whom, and how you wish to spend your energy.
Choose your limits for food, spending, shopping, celebrations, etc.
Choose how you wish to end each day, i.e. "with gratitude and peace".

Vision your holiday experience with your ideal in mind.
Continue to erase and forgive negative experiences.
Develop an affirmation to speak which will create more consciousness.
"I thoroughly enjoy my holiday experience by giving the love and peace I have within."
Act and move in ways that are graceful, simple, beautiful and express the Love you Are.

Our work is often to undo past habits of mind and body.
Our work is often to learn to breathe and release what is complex, effortful and unpeaceful.
Our work is often to transform what others taught us to do into our own spirit-guided creation.
Our work is to bring love, joy and peace to what is meant to bring love, joy and peace to others.

We are willing to undo what is no longer valuable and true for us.
We are willing to give naturally ad joyfully from the Peace of God within.

Loving and blessing you,
Betty Lue