Saturday, December 09, 2006

Guilt Clouds Your View 

Life is filled with darkness when we block the Light with our judgments.
Those who are guilty experience attack.
Those who are innocence know only love.
Forgiveness heals all judgments now.

Within you, is Light, the Light of the Sun (Son).
When you judge yourself, a cloud of illusion is created that blocks the Light from your awareness.
When you forgive yourself, you dissolve the clouds with Love and light shines on all things new.
When you remember you are the Light, you know your single work is to forgive all things.

The only mistake we can make in this human paradigm is to forget to Love.
The only mistake we perceive is to block the Light from our awareness with our judgments.
The only mistake is to forget the Light and Love is our natural state within everyone and ourselves.
The only mistake is to believe in the darkness our judgments and attack thoughts perceive.

We make real what we feel.
When we feel guilty, we make sin real.
When we feel resentful, we make others bad.
When we feel forgiven, we make our world new again.

Experiment with judging everything you see.
Be merciless in your evaluation, comparison, making others less and more than yourself.
Notice how sick and afraid, upset and defensive you become.
Only a few minutes is enough to turn a good day into one of hellish proportions.

Then experiment with changing your mind, your thoughts and words and deeds to Light.
Be merciful in all your perceptions,
See everyone and everything as healed, whole and holy.
Know everyone is innocent and forgiven.
Recognize no sin in anyone including your self.
Notice the freedom and joy you feel as you are healed in your holy perception.
When you are shining only Light, you see only Light in your world.

Let go of all guilt for all humanity.
See with forgiving eyes and your world with be transformed in your sight.
Bless everything you see with the Light within.
Love makes all things new again.

Enjoy the gift of innocence,
Betty Lue

In you lies everything pure and innocent, like the Son (sun).
In you shines a light so bright that the world is healed.

In you is the innocence of a new born babe.

In you is the precious creation of Pure Love.

This is Baby Beckett at one month old.
His 19 month old twin sisters, simply adore him...