Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Holiday Anxiety or Depression 

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March 25-28 "Living on Purpose" or July 17-21 "Freedom with Responsibility"

Anxiety is often the build up of unexpressed emotional energy held in the body.
Depression is often the buildup of unexpressed tension, hurt and anger held against oneself.

Shutting down our natural and free expression results in physical, mental, emotional, relational and financial distress. While stress is the natural dynamic tension of living in this world of every changing situations and relationships. Distress is the discomfort that comes from not having appropriate coping skill for the increasing tension during difficult times.

All upsets, emotional reactivity are past similars, ie. experiences from early childhood for which we did not understand or having coping skills and loving support.

We need to forgive our past hurts, fears, and not knowing how to take better care of ourselves.
We need to forgive the attachment we may have to making things right for everyone.
We need to forgive any need to have a specified outcome.
We need to forgive our judgments of ourselves and others.
We need to practice the serenity prayer.
God give me the courage to change the things I can,
to accept the things I cannot change and the wisdom to know the difference.
You can add, "the inner guidance to see possibilities when I thought there were none."

Begin a dialogue with yourself, preferably in writing.
What do you see and hear around you?
What are your judgments of what you see and hear and feel?
What are you feeling about your perceptions?
What are your emotions telling you?
What is your body telling you?
What are you withholding or trying not to say?
If you gave yourself permission, what would you do for the holidays?
In an ideal world, how would you create the holidays?
Ask yourself, what can I give my body and my mind that will bring peace?
Can you forgive your judgments?
Are you willing to change your perceptions?

Run, walk, breathe, fresh air.
Simplify, focus, meditate, be Present, help someone, stop thinking.

What if you give these holy days the respect they deserve?
If we were not commercializing Spirit, we would use this time to be still and give thanks.
If we were not going along with the crowd, we might be thinking of how to help mankind.
If we were not wanting to get happiness from others, we might spend quality time with loved ones.

Many years ago, I gave up giving presents and receiving presents on special holidays.
If someone has a need during the year, I give.
If I have a need, I take care of it now
I prefer to be happy and giving all year round.

The kind of giving and receiving I value is serving others when there is a request.
The kind of celebrating I value is giving attention to the meaning of Love and living from Spirit.
The kind of holidays I enjoy are ones in which there is family sharing their love for one another.
The kind Christmas I like is with familiar sights and sounds, smells and tastes that bring happy memories.

Let go and let God.
Be honest with yourself about the origin of your anxiety and/or depression.
Take care of it at its origin.
Give yourself the authentic Holiday experience you really want.
Honor what is true for you, and know everyone will be blessed.

Loving you,
Betty Lue