Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Nothing to Do 

When there is nothing you can do, what can you do?
Pray. Affirm. Bless. Forgive. Choose. Appreciate.

Pray for the inner knowing to respond with Love.
Pray for the inner healing to see what is whole.
Pray for willingness to forgive and trust.
Pray for the faith to know all is well.

Affirm that all are healing and awakening
Affirm there is a Power greater than ourselves.
Affirm we are all in this together.
Affirm that all we give we receive.

Bless everyone and everything.
Bless the experience from which you are learning.
Bless the opportunity to heal and awaken.
Bless your willingness to be present in Love.

Forgive any blocks to your awareness of Love.
Forgive all judgments fears and failures.
Forgive your misperceptions of error and sin.
Forgive your world for teaching you falsely.

Choose Love no matter what.
Choose freedom from fear.
Choose proactive responses.
Choose to honor and respect everyone's journey.

Appreciate your willingness.
Appreciate your spiritual reSourcefulness.
Appreciate the learning and growth.
Appreciate the opportunity to strengthen your faith.

Even when we cannot "DO", we can do something.

Loving you in being spiritually powerful,
Betty Lue