Thursday, December 07, 2006

Questions and Doubts 

Off to Petaluma, (one hour + north) to spend the day with Gia (8yrs ) and Sofia (13 mos) and their Mom and Dad. Time with our grandchildren is precious to us. They are the future. They represent the Love and Innocence from which we have all come. They remind us of Light and joy and simplicity and play. They are a place where miracles obviously happen every day. Through a child's eyes we can see what is real. Take time to extend unconditional Love to a child today.

Be where you are.
Be what you are.
Be who you are.
Know All is well.

The ego is the doubting, fearful mind.
The ego is a learned protective personality.
The ego accumulates false evidence which appears real to confirm its beliefs.
The ego separates you from Source, Self and others.
The ego imagines the world is a survival camp or competition.
The ego works to maintain its control over everything and everyone.
The ego creates blocks, blinders and evidence to prove God and Good are not real.
The ego provides physical experiences and emotional disturbances to prove it Self.
The ego is tricky, clever, manipulative and deceptive in its approach to life.
The ego is life like a fearful, feisty and demanding child or plays weak, helpless and victim.
The ego uses both pretended power and feigned helplessness to get its own way.
The ego is sometimes the only self we remember and think is us.

To explore who is running your life….Ask yourself……
Do I believe my negative and fearful feelings?
Do I protect myself by withholding Love?
Do I always question my choices?
Do I let my fear lead me to avoid possibilities in life?
Do I sit back and wait for others to give me what I want?
Do I get mad at the world for not being better?
Do I wish things were different but never make changes myself?
Do I let my mind talk to me in unkind and disrespectful ways/

This is all ego.

How about asking your learned impudent and disrespectful little self to take a time out.
See within the pure, loving, forgiving, respectful and Higher Self waiting for you to listen.
Take time beginning today to faithfully listen and follow the guidance of who is always there with you.

Loving you,
Betty Lue