Sunday, December 10, 2006

Tidiness in Life 

Peace, order and harmony are all essential for fun, safe, easy and abundant life.
Moving can be tidy.
Relationships can be tidy.
Your workplace can be tidy.
Your life can be tidy.

When you want clarity and focus, create your whole life tidy.
Disorder and chaos are but a symptom of inner confusion and lack of focus.
Peace, order and harmony come from doing the essential things first.
Peace, order and harmony come from clarity of focus and desire for simplicity.

Robert and I have moved 15 times in the last 21 1/2 yrs.
While we have a system that works well for us, we had a natural system in the beginning.
Spirit was our guide and Peace was our goal.

Whether moving or simply choosing to transform your life, there are a few simple guidelines.
  1. Let go of everything that does not bring your joy, inspiration and positive energy.
  2. Give a blessing to every box, piece of clothing and activity or relationship you release.
  3. Live only with those things you actively touch, value and care for at least annually.
  4. Fill your closets and schedule only with what you truly need to have. Excess drains us.
  5. Repair anything broken or in poor condition. If not repaired within one month, let it go.
  6. Unfinished projects need to be given away if not complete within a max of one year.
  7. Manage all your relationships with love and gratitude.
  8. Choose the life you seek to live and live it faithfully every day.
  9. Choose the way you work, play, create and rest and live true to your highest ideal.
  10. Clean you house and car, your office and bathrooms at least monthly personally.
  11. Remember the attitude with which you move determines your willingness to transform your life.
  12. Everything has a place. Keep it where you can find it.
  13. Keep your house ready for your most honored guests at all times.
  14. Honor yourself by always coming home to a house you feel good about.
  15. How you maintain your space and things represents how you feel about yourself.
  16. Your clarity of thinking and peace of mind are profoundly influenced by your environment.
Everything you own, owns a piece of your energy.
Fatigue and drained energy are often due to too much stuff and too many projects or relationships.
If you cannot take good care of your space, your stuff and your relationships, you have too much.
Letting go is fun, safe and easy when you know it will bring your joy and ease and freedom.

Loving you one step at a time,
Betty Lue

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