Saturday, January 06, 2007

Back to Basics 

I have been a student/Teacher of A Course in Miracles since 1976.
Having practiced the workbook lessons one each day over 15 times during the last 30 years, I still see myself as a beginner.
I prefer holding an image of a happy willing learner. "I know nothing and am willing to learn everything."
When I write or speak what I hear/know within, I am remembering, reminding myself and "learning".

2007 is dedicated to keeping it simple, practical and inspiring.
We are in this together as this is on purpose to heal and remember.
We are created by Love as Love for the Purpose of Loving.
Peace is our goal.
Happiness is our purpose.
Forgiving all obstacles is our function.
We are here to undo everything that is not peaceful and loving so we can experience true happiness.
We have a mind, body and emotions, but we are not our mind, body and emotions.
Our body is a temporary communication device to extend and express Love.
Our mind is to be used to create more beauty, goodness and Love.
Our feelings are to flow with encouragement, support, kindness and healing.

We have two voices.
The ego voice is learned, fear-based with doubts and limitations. The ego copes, defends and projects.
The Spirit voice is essential, natural and love-centered. The Spirit. trust, frees, explores and extends.
Ego believes it is a physical body, its feelings and its past experiences, genetics and knowledge.
Its worth is based on getting approval, money, power and valued achievements.
Spirit knows it is whole and complete, needs nothing and knows know harm.
It is and innocent and holy expression of Goodness and perfect Trust and love.

This year I will simplify what I know, living faithfully the Truth I Am and giving the best I know.

Loving you as you let go of the blocks to Love.
Betty Lue