Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Inner Guidance this Full Moon 

I am loving You--all you saints gathering to remember.
Let us ascend in peace together because we have ascendance in our minds.

"I love you little ones.
I love you old and mighty ones.
I love you all Ones.
You are gentle beautiful souls.

Specialness is a ploy of the ego to divide and separate, exalt and denigrate.
It serves no one to put down, be little, or push away.
May you all and everyone recognize,
You together are One Son.

Give yourself the time and space to erase what is not—
until you behold the face of God.
In what is real there is no doubt or comparison,
for here in God we all are One.

Be free of the mystery that hides the One we Are.
Show up. Shine Out.
Be that Glorious Star of Love.
High above the lowly plains
Yet still remains in the hearts and minds of all mankind.

Be free.
Trust me and You will see
What you can be.
Without fetter or loss,
You are the boss of your whole and holy life.

Teach Love.
See Love.
Be Love
And Trust.

Freedom is the call
To respond to All
With love.

Gently goes your way.
Love be the guide
To this and each new day.

Loving you,
Loving me.
Sets us all free to be."

To this I say. Amen.
Let it Be!
Thanks you,
Betty Lue