Friday, February 09, 2007

Awareness without Judgment is Healing! 

Awareness with forgiveness is healing.
Awareness with peace is healing.
Awareness with Love is healing.
Awareness with acceptance is healing.
Awareness with neutrality is healing.

All things change.
Change works together for Good.
Where we judge, we block the flow.
Where we judge we stop change.

Judgment literally stops the movie and holds the frame in place in our minds.
What we fixate on, we experience more of until we breathe, relax and allow life to move on.
When we are willing to must get on with living, we support the natural healing process.
When we are open and trusting, transformation happens and change heals.

When you get stuckā€¦.simply Forgive and choose again.
Betty Lue

Here is the simple and effective 7 step process, I was given by Spirit in the mid 70's!

Seven Steps to Awakening

Notice what is working and not working in your life. Let every upset be a wakeup call.

Confess your conscious and unconscious errors of omission and commission.

Forgive yourself for forgetting your values. Forgive the past mistakes of self and others.

With a quiet mind and open heart, listen within for what is Real and True in Loving you!

Say "yes" to your inner guidance and clear away your doubts and fears.

Consciously receive All Good the Universe has in store for you.

Respect, value and honor all that is given to you with gratitude and joy.