Saturday, February 03, 2007

Where Does Your Time Go? 

Time is a gift to be used like money.
The way we use our time, money and energy demonstrates what we value.
How we spend our time either opens the flow of prosperity in our lives or depletes the flow.
When we give time to negativity, worry and fear, we shut down our joy, peace, abundance and Love.

First things First.
Fill your life with what you Love. (or find some way to Love it!)
Spend your thinking time, your speaking time and your doing time on what inspires you.
Give yourself to Love and Love will give to you.

What are your priorities, your life purpose and mission, your goals.
Give all you think and do and say to what you believe in.
Train your mind to look at what y ou want. (not what you don't want!)
Train your self to keep track of how you spend your time and give to what is Good for you.

I spend 23 hours/week with children and 5 hours in transportation to and from their homes.
During that time I make phone calls and write thank you notes. (Robert drives!)
I spend about 15 hours/wk at the Home of Truth Spiritual Center , plus 10 hrs doing business for them.
I spend about 10-15 hours with clients on phone and in person, and 10 hrs with groups.
I care for my other Center for Conscious Living only 1-2 hrs/ weekly (Get organized and keep it simple!)
I give about five hours/week to these loving reminders and another 5 responding to email.
I only do 1 hr/wk on bookkeeping and business, about 4 on house chores and errands.
My personal care time 5 hrs/wk, inspiration and recreation about 10 hrs. and sleep with naps 50 hrs.
That all adds up to my full time job—balancing my life with what I love, what loves me and great Joy!
(PS I get paid for about 20 hrs/week in a financial way, but I get paid abundantly for every hour I spend!)

My use of time has varied a lot over my 64 years.. I find when I do too little or sit too long, I am not as energized or joyful. I find all I do, inspiring and creative. I may find some time later to paint and songs.
For now I am in love everyday and share the love and spirit guided inspiration I feel.

Each life, your life is your own creative. Design it to reflect what is highest and best for you.
Never let a day go by feeling you are stuck. Life is constant choice.

Give yourself the gift of know you are free to choose how you spend this moment.
In love or fear? In joy or pain? In freedom or limitation? In peace or in conflict?

Choose to use each moment well…..

Loving you,
Betty Lue

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