Sunday, March 04, 2007

Busy Days 

Full Moon Eclipse yesterday.
Up at 5AM and off to renew the Home of Truth spiritual Center with a fabulous Team of volunteers from 8:30-1:30PM….so no time to do the Loving Reminders. Spent the afternoon and early evening with appointments in the Pleasant Hill Center, so here I am. Another full day always rich with surprises and lots of love and joy shared. Beginning the morning with the Willing Ones, Inner Listening at 9AM, Sunday Services at 10:30AM , followed by a kitchen planning meeting (there are two kitchens now), and then a workshop on Practical Feng Shun: A spiritual Practice. This afternoon I will take a walk and a nap, work on two upcoming programs and flyers and get ready for our minister's meeting and our Conscious Healing Class tomorrow eve. It seems like a lot, … But remember, I have done most of this many times with the guidance and inspiration of spirit. Much of my life is present moment, spontaneous expression of the Love in me, so there is little to plan and prepare.

My talk for Sunday Services this morning is: Love, Serve, Remember.

The way I Love unconditionally is to give my best to everyone I encounter.
This means for me, meeting my grandchildren, my partner, my clients, my ministry students, the grocery clerk with the best in me. They are all treated differently and all equally loved, according to the current state of our relationship, the time involved, the circumstances…and they are each given the best I have in the moment. I am loving everyone without condition. Where I withhold love, I deprive myself.

The way I serve from my heart is to do everything I do with joy and gratitude. I am thankful to be able to serve in the ways in which I am guided. I do not sacrifice or martyr because it yields resentment and blocks the flow of creativity, healing and authenticity. It is good for everyone when it is good for me.

The way I remember God is to listen within moment by moment. I give thanks for the life I have. I enjoy the precious moments of connection both within and with others. I freely share my love for God by giving to each one as god would have me treat and teach my brothers and sisters. Since God and Goodness created us all as Good, it is my function to forgive anything which may interfere or cause me to forget. I spend my life remembering God, remembering Love, remembering who I AM and what is my holy purpose.

To Love, Serve and Remember is my daily Loving Reminder.

Remember it is a gift to share these Loving Reminders with you.
Please share them with others.

Loving you,
Betty Lue