Monday, March 05, 2007


In this busy world of unlimited distractions, it is easy to get off track.
When we are multitasking, each task only gets a portion of our energy.
When we try to do several things at once, make sure none of them are important.
When we use our energy in divergent ways, we yield mixed results.

When I am focused on leading a congregational service, I must focus.
When I write these loving reminders, there are no interruptions.
When I am creating a new workshop or program, I set aside all other activities.
When I am in a meeting, my heart and mind are focused on the goals of that meeting.

Commitment to the fulfillment of the desired goal or outcome and focus on that outcome are paramount in the accomplishment for the highest good.

Commitment means not quitting or withdrawing our trust and freedom (=LOVE).
Focus means not wavering in where we are placing our attention, affirmation and creativity.

You will notice that great achievers are those who give full energy and intensity to their task.
You will notice that scientists, healers and holy men do not tolerate distraction or interference.

Where there is passion, there is intensity.
Where there is commitment, there is consistency.
Where there is genius, there is respectful intention.
Where there is connection, there is total focus.

Focused work is a creative meditation.

Some suggestions:
When you cook, be quiet and stay focused.
When you clean, be grateful and stay focused.
When you are relating to someone, choose non-distraction and focus on listening with your heart.
When you are creating, quiet your mind and listen within.

Some benefits:
Things are accomplished and completed very quickly.
The results are always beneficial.
You can hear within when there needs to be some variation or change made.
The feeling of enjoyment and fulfillment is very satisfying mind, body and soul.

Loving and blessing our focus,
Betty Lue

The best way to enjoy learning and experiencing life is with total focus.
Your cheek and mine! Good focusing!