Thursday, March 01, 2007

Self Esteem and Confidence 

What if our self worth is based on how respectful and responsible we are?

What if the missing piece in life's puzzle is just that: Our self esteem is dependent on our ability to respond with happy willingness in all circumstances and relationships!

Do you treat everyone with respect?…including yourself?
Do you refrain from swearing, blaming and criticizing?
Do you take responsibility for your self care, your health, your finances?
Are you responsible for the quilty of your relationships/

Do you easily acknowledge you are wrong, mistaken or wish to change your behavior?
Do you keep your home, your vehicle, your office clean and orderly?
Do you keep your agreements and complete projects on time?
Do you maintain your finances impeccably, spending wisely?

Do you ask for help when you don['t know or cannot do what is yours?
Do you leave every place and person a little better than the way you found them?
Do you seek to give the best rather than get the best?
Are you a happy willing participant in life offering to create what is good and healthy in all ways?

I notice when I cannot give my best because I am tired, overwhelmed, critical or fearful, I lose energy and confidence. I recommend to myself that I step up and do first things first.

Take care of my spiritual, mental, physical, financial, relationship health first.
Take care of my home, office and business affairs.
Take care of my commitments and chosen responsibilities.
When I am impeccable in caring for what I have, I am confident, strong and resourceful.
When I have too much to care for with excellence, I am called to simplify my life.

Bless us all for being honest with ourselves.
Betty Lue