Sunday, April 01, 2007

Fearless, Foolish or Fortunate? 

April Fool's Day (Palm Sunday)

Was the Jesus Easter story about someone who foolishly set himself up to be crucified?
Was Jesus fearless in seeking the path to awaken humanity to Spirit within?
Are we fortunate to realize in death we are resurrected in the Love of God and His Son?

We have bodies, but we are not our bodies.
We have minds, but are not our minds.
We have emotions, but we are not our emotions.
We are Spirit, a Divine expression of our Creator, unlimited in power and in peace.

The world teaches us we are limited in time and space.
The world trains us to believe we suffer and die.
The world demonstrates we do harm and must be punished.
This great teacher, Jesus, teaches with thought, word and deed we are unlimited and free with forgiveness and Love.

What is the Truth for you?
Some listen to others.
Some listen to their minds.
Some listen to their bodies.
Some listen to their Spirit or Higher Self.
Where do you listen for Truth?

We can listen to external teachers and authorities for research and information.
We can listen to our emotions based on our history and past learning.
We can listen to our minds for learned beliefs, judgments and opinions.
We can listen to the changing fads and theories of society and our culture.

And in all this what we hear will change with passing time, translation and current perceptions.
Confusion, distraction and inner conflicts may grow with the ever-changing nature of Truth.
Appearances change. Facts change. Information is filtered. Perceptions vary.
What can you trust to be the Truth?

Consider listening within to the steadfast and certain Truth of Love.
Consider being still long enough to hear the Highest Truth, the deepest Knowing.
Consider taking time daily to ask questions and receive answers.
Consider seeking what really matters to you, rather than listening to what others want to share.

Listen within for direction.
Listen within for guidance.
Listen within for support.
Listen within for healing.
Listen within for Truth.

Like any renewed skill, it takes practice to remember to calm our external seeking and trust in inner knowing.
Let this spring be a time of visioning and renewal.
Let this spring be a clearing to all the cobwebs in consciousness that have cluttered your mind.
Let this Easter bring a resurrection of your attention to Spirit and celebration of renewed life in You.

Blessing us all on this Holy Day,
Betty Lue