Friday, April 06, 2007

Good Friday 

As I drink my freshly juiced beet, carrot, celery and parsley (thanks to Robert), I am renewing my commitment to let go of the little worldly-made, ego self that believes in things of the body. This Easter season is exactly about release of what is insubstantial and temporal.
Here is my guidance for today.

From ACIM Lesson #96 "Salvation come from my one Self."

It is silly to imagine I have stepped away from the Self I Am…knowing it is strong and true and B'Lue.
It is easily forgiven when I remember it is Easter-time and this too shall be relinquished with no attack on my Self. I have often asked, "How could anyone leave their Source when they know there is a choice?"
So here am I living my question.

In the world of distraction, how easily one can be carried away by the frivolous and fickle nature of the ego, the made up little limited and lacking self. The more defenses, protections, justifications, explanations and classes are taught to protect its faulty reasoning, the more it believes its own mythology. How can there be these errors so obvious and still so believed and proved? We keep improving on the reality and justification of what is in error.

Forgive this and set yourself free. Freedom is the call to choose the high way, the fun, safe and easy path to fulfillment of your vision of heaven on earth….. Each one choosing to reveal the True Self and its own thoughts, perceptions and words. Forgive all that has come before. Give your Being to clear the way to Light. Rest in the consciousness of all-encompassing and Eternal Love. Know God is with you, now and always.

To this I say, Thank you, and blessed be.

Then later I read from the Charles Fillmore's Keep a True Lent for this Friday.
"The word crucifixion means the crossing out in consciousness of certain errors that have become fixed states of mind: it is the enactment by a master of the final extinction of carnal (ego) mind, the giving up of the whole personality in order that the Christ Mind may be expressed in all its fullness. This is represented by the crucifixion of Jesus.

The three days Jesus was in the tomb represent the three steps in overcoming error. First, nonresistance: the second, the taking on of divine activity, or receiving the will of God: third, the assimilation and fulfillment of the Divine will.

I deny the self that I may unite with the self less. I give up the mortal that I may attain the immortal. I dissolve the thought of the physical body that I may realize the spiritual body. This is a mental process with a physical effect."

Final note:
Yes, there is a physical, mental and spiritual transformation happening within me now.
Each day, a little more clarity and spiritual energy.
Know I am always and in all ways Loving All. For such is the Truth of who I AM.
Loving you,
Betty Lue